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In 2000, Samantha MacDouglas taught an Easy Bridge course at the Barrington Bridge club as a way to give back to the program that had given her so much.


She had originally moved to Los Angeles to be a writer (a life-long dream of hers), but in that class she found a passion for teaching that changed her life.


Teaching bridge became her life. As the number of students she taught grew, the requests for beginning bridge books to read increased as well.


While there are hundreds of great bridge books out there, very few of them are geared towards the beginning student. She was a teacher. She was a writer. What better way to blend her two passions than to write beginning brige books?


She's written over a dozen bridge books, most of them designed for beginners. Over the next year or two, she will be converting them into electronic format and making them available on this website and at online book retailers.

Introduction to Bridge


This quick, free pamphlet introduces the complete novice to the mechanics of bridge. Start playing in under 20 minutes! Click on the PDF icon below to download your copy.

Beginning Bidding
Bidding made easy Part 1


Samantha's first book on bidding breaks down the logic of an auction into easy to understand concepts, with examples and exercises to really improve your skills. Coming soon!

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