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Bridge is a fabulous game! Rich and complex, bridge is a partnership game which challenges and exercises your mind, keeping it young and limber. It is a jack of many trades, stretching your memory, your language skills, partnership skills, logic and puzzle solving skills. Bridge can be fun and social or serious and highly competitive.


Like chess, you can learn the basic moves in a relatively short period of time and dive right in, learning nothing more or you can study it for a lifetime and never fully plumb the depths it has to offer.


Worried it's too tough? Afraid you don't have what it takes? Intimidated by the wealth of bridge books out there? Don't be! 


Anyone can play bridge. You don't have to have card sense. You don't have to be good with numbers. You don't have to be a language or numbers expert. Anyone can play bridge, no matter how young or old.


My books take the basic concepts of bridge and break them down into easy to understand concepts. Each concept is shown with examples. Exercises are provided to practice and test your newfound skills.


You can learn bridge in 20 minutes. Download my free pamphlet and get playing today!

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